Thanks for visiting the Game Bistro.  This is the blog of Kevin Whitmore, who has been distracted by boardgames for over 40 years.  The physical Game Bistro exists in my backyard – a game room housing my collection of games and enough tables and chairs for roughly 16 people to comfortably play games at the same time.  And that is exactly what we do most every Tuesday evening. 

In recent years gaming has been primarily about Euro games.  A typical euro will play in 90 minutes or less, seat 3-5 players and offers clever game play where no one is eliminated from the game.  It is common to play two different such eurogames in an evening.

In years past, and on selected weekends, longer games garner attention.  Long involved financial games like 1830, or world history games such as Civilization.  I still like these games, but they are harder to get to the table anymore.  I also have a small collection of wargames, often these are longer games built for just 2 players.  I don’t play these all that often, but they can be quite rewarding.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Alex Sorbello Says:

    I received my copy of rise of Empires on Friday and the game seems to be better when i read the rules the i originally thought. Lots of neat stuff.
    I Thought you were not very interested in this however looking forward to playing this one. I enjoy the blog.

  2. Erika Bird Says:

    HI! You once reviewed my Dad’s game, Bin’Fa…

    “I will add another voice of praise to this game… after my single session, I find myself eager to try this game again. Bin´Fa surprised me. Abstract games are not usually my favourites. However once we got it on the game table, I found the full game to be a lot of fun!”
    TheGameBistro.com, Kevin Whitmore

    After 40 years in development, he is about to launch a new, enhanced and final version of the game. How can we reach you…

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