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Tom Wham, and stirring the pot

January 24, 2016

One game that has been getting some play of late is Feudality, by Tom Wham.  Tom Wham has several games to his credit, although most of them are now quite old.  I have owned a few of his games over the years.

Snit’s Revenge – started out as a free game in Dragon Magazine.  I guess it was a sequel to “Snit Smashing”, but I never played that one.  Snit’s Revenge was entertaining, but I eventually let it go.

The Awful Green Things from Outer Space – another game which began in Dragon Magazine.  This one I have owned, and not owned for several years.  My current copy is on semi=permanent loan to a friend.  I also gave a copy to my niece a few years ago.  Funny game.  You don’t know what will help and what will hurt the awful green things until you try.  Makes for a humorous narrative.

The Great Khan Game – Rick owns this one, and we went through a spate of playing it way back when.  I just recently bought a copy, so I hope to introduce it to the Bistro Players soon.

Search for the Emperor’s Treasure – another Dragon magazine game.  I gave Gary a “Best of Dragon Magazine Games” collection years ago.  This was the best of the bunch.  I now own this collection of games for myself.

Mertwig’s Maze – Never played this.  But it showed all the usual Wham-ish elements I like in his games.  So I bought a copy.  I have boxed it, as the folio it cam in was inadequate to the task.

King of the Tabletop – Another Dragon magazine game.  I found a free print and play edition, with improved graphics on BGG.  So I have made up a set to play.

So I’ve had a nice jag of collecting.  It’s now time to get some of these Wham games played.

Also, I did some rearranging in the Bistro today.  I have moved several of the 2-player and war games back into the Bistro.  Last Tuesday Alex, Steve and I played Churchill.  It may be that attendance has permanently faltered for game night.  But if that is the case, I am going to advocate for more play of war games or slower hobby games from a few years ago.