Even more gaming!

This Sunday I am scheduled to play Churchill, but otherwise my scheduled gaming is complete for November.  All in all a good month of gaming.  Since the last round up, I have been playing:

Haspelknecht – I’ve played this twice now.  I am intrigued.  The game features some heavy thinking, you need to do more than you will ever accomplish during the game.  So it becomes a puzzle of what to do.  This is complicated by the competition for action discs, which are recruited by the players.  Even if you get the discs you want, you must make hard decisions around how to deploy them.  I’m looking forward to more plays of this.

The Grizzled & Room 25 – I am going to list these together.  They have nothing to do with each other.  But my enjoyment level of these games are not all that high.  The Grizzled is a pure cooperative game.  Room 25 is a cooperative game with a traitor.  Neither of these sorts of games are favorites.  The company was good, and I did have some fun.  But I won’t be seeking wither of these out again.

Auf Heller und Pfenig – Classic Knizia.  This isn’t a favorite, the game is pretty dry.  But I enjoy it a bit more on this early first edition.  Worth an occasional play.

Popular Front – I have a soft spot for Numbskull Games.  This is one I had for a while, and finally got a chance to try.  6 player game, divvied up into two teams.  It is a light wargame.  It exhibited the usual problem with multi-player wargames.  The best move is to pick on the weak.  I did enjoy the team concept.  Not sure if I will be keeping this one.

Big Boss – This has become a favorite.  It plays well with 6, and I really appreciate that feature.  It is a comprehensible economic game that doesn’t require a ton of calculations.  I am glad I own it, and expect to be requesting it for years to come.

Duckomenta Art – This game just keeps getting played.  The easy rules, fun play, and hilarious art really make this game shine.

Arbora – Finally got this on the table.  Beautiful game components.  But where is the game?  Mainly a pattern recognition exercise.  A couple of minor timing rules and a “gotcha” act if you spot a move that an opponent missed.  I don’t really need to keep this one, but doubt it will ever find a buyer.

Corsairs – After a rather embarrassing lack of understanding of the simple rules, we finally got this rolling.  I wish the game had lasted a bit longer.  It is a simple game with breezy combat events for claiming a prize.  I could play more of this.  But it is unlikely to happen, as I don’t see it ever being around, nor requested, often enough to get played.

Flick ’em Up! – This was cool.  Mainly a kid’s game, I suppose.  But I liked that there was a book of scenarios.  Carabande meets the old west…  Pretty inspired.

Cry Havoc – Finally played this again.  I like the older easier rules.  The rules in Guiscard were “more accurate” but made for slower turns.  I like the maps and counters a lot.  I am collecting more of this game as it is still being supported.  I can see playing this for years to come, as it is easy to play, configurable for simulating various battles, and covers a subject I like.

D-Day Dice – Man, we got destroyed.  I haven’t beat this game the last two attempts.  Might be time to go back to basic training.  While this is a cooperative game, I feel like I have several interesting decisions to make each turn.  In The Grizzled, I felt like I had one decision to make – often an uninteresting one.

Caverna – My second play, this time a 2-player game.  Still quite good.  I lost by one point.  I had not taught this game before.  That was a bit slow on my part.  I should be better at it in the future.  For a game I did not want to try, I am not glad to own it, and look forward to more plays.


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