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And the “old” keeps rolling in…

October 22, 2015

I seem to be on a game buying tear:

Caverna – Now in the collection, along with a special sorting tray.

Fresh Fish – This is the 2014 reprint.

Kohle & Kolonie – Although they screwed me out of a rulebook.

Workshop of the World – older Ragnar Brothers

Steam Donkey – I guess this one isn’t all that old.

Blooming Gardens – a whim, got only because it is an old Ragnar game.

New England Rails – en route

20th Century – en route, sounded cool and the price was right

and the one bona fide new game:  DRCongo – the latest Ragnar game that inspired me to go ahead and buy a couple of others previously mentioned.


And how many of these have I played???   <crickets chirping>  Ah well, it’ll happen eventually, right?