Wir Sind das Volk

My wife and I just returned from a vacation in Ireland.  We vacationed with my gaming buddy, Chester, and his wife.  We mainly were busy touring, but found some time for a bit of gaming.

We ended up playing Wir sind das Volk three times over a two-week period.  With each play we discovered that we had made some basic errors with the rules.  Regardless, the game was resilient enough to be entertaining despite our misunderstandings with the rules.  So it was cool to get an e-mail from the International Gamers Association while on vacation, announcing that Wir sind das Volk was named their 2-player game of the year.

We also played as a foursome, Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective.  We played it three times.  Of the three sessions, I’d say we nailed one case, floundered through one case to a solution in a messy way, and totally crashed and burned with the final case.  I’d played once before, so that makes a total of 4 cases I’ve played.  On the bright side, this was a fun game for my wife, and a good group activity.  It isn’t my usual sort of game, but I did enjoy the game while on vacation.


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