280 out of 400

The other day I decided to split my collection.

I have noted on this blog that my games owned was steadily inflating.  I had maintained my collection to around 300 games for quite a while.  But I then decided to start listing all the games tucked away in drawers and found the game collection was really 350 or so.  Then I decided I wanted one game shelf inside the main house – a shelf I would store the games I might study, or perhaps play solitaire.

This additional shelf inspired me to buy a few games I wanted to study.  Voila!  The game collection was really 400 games.  More than I imagined I owned.  But some of the games I own are hardly for playing.  I have some purely decorative games, displayed as game art on high shelves.  I have others that are still mainly art, but could in theory be played.  But this almost never happens.  So my copy of Square Mile or Broadsides and Boarding Parties mainly serve as art, even if they are within reach.  Another case is my copy of Touring, which has the box top and the cards displayed in a frame – we’re not really going to play it.

Then there are the games that could be played, but likely need some prearrangement.  I’d love to try my 1961A version of D-Day, the very first hex and counter wargame commercially released by Charles S. Roberts.  But in reality, I don’t play it.  I set it up and study it, and idly think I may try it solitaire.  Or all those microgames – all 2-player games – which will never be requested by the club, and never thought of when I have a rare 2p game opportunity.

After considering these, and other cases where I want to own the game for non-playing purposes, I decided I was diluting the main purpose I keep my collection details on BGG – which is to keep track of the hobby games I own that are suitable for social gaming.  So recently I opened a second BGG account.  I am going to mark games I own, but don’t expect to figure into my social gaming, on this account.

And with that division, my collection size dropped from about 400 games down to 280 games.  This feels about right, as I am used to having roughly 300 games in the Bistro fro folks to choose from.  I like this size of a collection, as it has nice breadth, but not “too” many games to select from.

My collection does exhibit a lack of newer games, but that is the topic for another entry…


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