By the numbers

A friend of mine commented on his game blog that he has played every game in his collection at least 6 times.  He qualifies this by omitting games that he has for trade, and any games held as his children’s games.  Even so, I am no where in the same mode with my collection.  Here is my breakdown:


Never Played: 101

One Play:  43

Two Plays:  43

Three Plays:  24

Four Plays:  24

Five – Nine Plays:  67

Ten – Nineteen Plays:  35

Twenty – Forty Nine:  21

Fifty Plus:  4

Of course all of this inaccurate.  I have only tracked my games played since 1999.  Lots of games in the “unplayed” zone were played way back when.

But as a (slightly) larger point, I don’t always buy a game to play it.  For example, earlier this year I bought a copy of Rails through the Rockies, with no intention of playing it.  I just wanted to look it over.

Sometimes I buy games with a goal of eventually playing them.  But I don’t always feel an immediate need to get them on the table.  My collection of franckh games comes to mind.

Joe, my friend, ensures he plays every game he owns within a 2 year period.  This works for him.  But I enjoy having some strata to my collection.


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