Colorado Gaming

Peggy and I just returned from a nice jaunt to Pagosa Springs, where a number of friends gathered to hang out over the holiday weekend.

Mostly, gaming was not an activity.  But I dutifully brought a number of games.  My collection of Buster Keaton films ended up providing more entertainment.   But we did actually play a couple of games:

Eggs of Ostrich – good for two plays.  This was an impulse buy for me, adding it to a game order at the last minute.  As a 3-player game (only) I was pleased to have it hit the table.  We played twice, and both of my opponents enjoyed them selves.

Splendor – I also played this twice, both times as a 2p game against the same opponent.  We split the match 1-1, and my opponent was very taken by this game.

Das Zehn Vasen Spiel (Ten Amphoras) – Peggy played this with me.  She enjoyed it, and I enjoyed seeing how the 2nd edition of Amphorae worked so much better than our recent attempt at the 1st edition.  Really the 2nd edition is quite different than the 1st edition, or I really botched the rules translation…  Anyways, the 2nd edition is certainly playable, but I will hope to play it with 3-4 people in the future.


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