Back at the table

I was pleased to return to gaming this past week.  I had been on a long business trip, which meant I missed two weeks of gaming.

Monday night the boys agreed to give Silverton a whirl.  I was very pleased to see they were enthusiastic.  I expect we will play again this coming session.  We halted out first game, as now that the boys had seen the game, and would enjoy a fresh start.  I imagine we might play over a couple of weeks before we end the game.

Tuesday night saw the return of Michael to gaming – he had not come in months.  Steve and Zack were present making us a foursome.  I suggested McMulti, and with no objections I taught the game.  Not so long ago I played the reprint, Crude.  So it was fun for me to compare and contrast.  I won’t detail all the reasons, but I am glad I kept the McMulti version.  I like the greater variability of the economic situation.

Over the past two weeks or so, I have purchased two games:

Rails through the Rockies – It arrived while I was away.  I knew going in that this was likely a hard-to-play game.  But I wanted to look it over, and now it is on hand.  The game deals with a similar subject as Silverton.  It has a crayon rails aspect to it.  I am not sure if this will be played.  But I am enjoying reading it.

Rails of New England – Joe Huber introduced this to me a few years ago.  I didn’t immediately warm to it, and went on to explore other games.  But with my more recent interest in rail games, I decided I was now interested in a second look.  It does seem a worthy game, and I am looking forward to checking it out.  Unfortunately the New England location does not fire my imagination as much as the Rocky Mountain location used for both Silverton and Rails through the Rockies.  On the bright side, Rails of New England has handsome production values, while Silverton/RttR are Spartan.



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