Over the years, I have only played Silverton a couple of times. I have had a good time with it. But I didn’t care for the cramped board of the Mayfair edition.  So eventually it left my collection.  Last year I bought a bargain copy of the original Two Wolf edition.  I’ve decided this is the edition for me.  While the board is rather Spartan, even drab, there is actually room to play the game.

A fellow on BGG posted a set of replacement Claim/Train cards to be used with the 1st edition, and I just finished printing them out, and cutting them down to size.  They are a big improvement to the game, and tonight I gave the game a solitaire test run.  I thought the new cards elevated the game a bit.  I also used the advanced rules for shipping freight.

I really enjoyed my solitaire game, and would love to actually play this game with an opponent or two.  I worry about the game slowing down too much with 4 players.  I also have a computer assist file for playing the game.  But tonight I was enjoying just doing the rolls manually.



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