BGG Top 25 & February round up

A friend of mine posted a quiz on BGG.  She took a photo of each of the games in the top 25 – the components, and challenged people to identify them without peeking.  This was illuminating.  I could only identify 8 of the games on first effort.

Further, of the top 25, I have played just 12 of them.  And of those, there are a few I have no intention of getting back to.  Of the 13 I haven’t played… well, I have a someday date to try Caverna with Rob… I’d be willing to try Terra Mystica… I hear Mage Knight might be a worthy solitaire game… which leaves 10, that I am either ambivalent about or certain I don’t care about.

February was a bit light on gaming for me.  I did attend part of Juegos, which helped my game count considerably.  Apart from Juegos I managed to play 13 games in February.  At Juegos, I played 15 games, for a grand total of 28 games for the month.

New games tried in February include:

Fief – A reprint of an older wargame from Europe.  I liked it, but our play with 3 players felt a bit off.  I noticed it got played at Juegos, with a higher player count.  But the playing time swelled to several hours.

18FR – We haven’t finished this one.  But we have a 3p game going on Monday nights with Rick, Chris and me.  Basically 1830 on a French map.

Jumpin – Older 3M game that Zack and I tried.  Very abstract, and I doubt I spend much more time with it.

Die Bremer Stadtsmusikanten – I insisted on reading the overview of the fairy tale (Brothers Grimm) before we played it.  Highly tactical game, but actually a bit of fun.  I even had a request at Juegos to play it again later by Randy, who never wants to play games.  Probably more fun as an event, and won’t see much action going forward.

Camel Cup – Which I gather from BGG is really Camel Up.  This won SdJ?  Nice game, but the SdJ has scaled back in ambition it seems.

Baseball Highlights 2045 – We played it 4 player, and I think it really wants to be a 2p game.  I liked it, and so did Alex.  Zack and TG gave it a thumbs down.  I note it has solitaire rules too.

Speaking of solitaire games, I’ve found myself hankering to play some solitaire board games lately.  I’ve been buying a few older AH and Victory Games that are for solitaire gaming.  I haven’t actually been playing them yet.  We’ll see…


4 Responses to “BGG Top 25 & February round up”

  1. Rob Derrick Says:

    I need to plan a trip down to ABQ for a Caverna. Or, maybe you and Kyle could come up for that much vaunted someday LA game day.

    I have played Terra Mystica twice, won it try, and yet still, I approach any possibility of playing it with great trepidation. Not sure what that means.

    But first, where is the quiz? I am unable to find it on the ‘geek.

  2. thegamebistro Says:

    The quiz is actually a geeklist for the GCL I participate in:

    I’ll chat with Kyle and discuss the potential of a visit.

    • robmderrick Says:

      Kewl, thanks, that was fun. I recognized 20 of them, and of those, I’ve played them all at least once (Dead of Winter just a week ago). Of the 5 I missed, two I have actually played, but it was quite a long time ago (Caylus, Mage Knight).

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