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Kingston Gaming

February 17, 2015

I enjoyed the games played in Kingston this past Friday-Saturday:

Duckomenta Art – Saw action three times.  I played twice, and taught the game the other time.  Most everyone had fun with this.  It is a special edition of “Masters Gallery” or “Modern Art: The Card Game”.  But the 95 unique paintings, all classics done with a duck as the focal point makes the unique.

Die Bremer Stadtsmusikanten – (The Bremen Musicians) – Based on a fable by the Brothers Grimm.  This game was played twice to better-than-hoped-for reactions.  It is a dice game which is purely tactical.  Still I enjoyed it, and will be keeping this in my collection.

Camel Cup – My first play of the SdJ winner.  We had 8 players, and the game held up pretty well.  I would prefer to try it again, if I play, with a smaller crowd.  But I was impressed it handled the full load fairly well.

Machi Koro – I played this last year on Joe Huber’s tiny edition.  This year we played on the super-sized edition with tons more cards.  The random piles of what was available was nice.  I may need to own this…

Ingenious – Such a great game.  I was glad to get back to this classic.

Turn the Tide – Tried this twice.  I thought it worked much better as a 5p game than as a 3p game.  But even so, I am not completely convinced.  I’d play again if asked.

Rheinlander – T.G. requested I bring this after a recent play on Tuesday night.  I was pleased to get a second game in.  This game was 5p, and there was more chaos between turns.  I think I preferred it as a 4p game.

Carolvs Magnvs – Kendahl loves this game and re-taught it to me, and taught it to Peggy.  We had an interesting contest, which Peggy won.  I would play more of this given a chance.

El Grande – My favorite Euro – but I played poorly.  I focused too much on teaching, and not enough on my own strategy.

Nur Peanuts! – We had six players.  I like this game quite a bit.  But it fell flat with one of the players.  Really I thought the game was pretty interesting.  But then again, I won.  So I guess it wasn’t as interesting for those not in the hunt.

For Sale – I had played this before.  But I had no clear memory of the rules.  I demonstrated that being cheap on buying the properties is a bad strategy.

Roll for the Galaxy – My final game of the con.  I think I taught it fairly well.  I am not good at this game.  But I can play it, and everyone I’ve taught it to has seemed to like it.

Sadly, I got very Saturday night after retiring to my room.  After a miserable night, Peggy and I packed up and went home.  I was sorry to miss all the Sunday gaming.  But it was a relief to get home to my own bed.  Fortunately I have mainly recovered my health in just a couple of days.