A nice day of games

Kyle came over today and we played my newest acquisition, Guiscard.  Guiscard was released in 2013, and is basically a re-boot of an older game system called Cry Havoc.  I taught the game, at least as much as I understand it.  We played the first combat scenario which had me owning a team of Norman knights mounted on horses, attacking a contingent of German knights on foot.  The scene opens with 3 mounted German knights bringing some Lombard light infantry to the rescue.

The battle was rather one-sided, as Kyle cleaned my force off the map.  I should have made a much better set up.  But regardless of the results we learned how to play the game.  This was a learning scenario, with only the simplest rules in effect.  Scenario #2 will introduce javelins and archers, and therefore all the missile fire rules.  As we go further into the system, siege warfare and galley rules await us.

I am enticed by this system.  The counters all feature hand drawn artwork.  Each character has 4 images (2 counters): full health/wounded/stunned/dead.  The mounted characters have 4 additional images (2 more counters): full health on the horse/wounded on the horse/a riderless horse/a dead horse.  The counters are thin, but the detailed artwork is cool.  You play on a geomorphic set of maps.  Guiscard is backwards compatible with all the old Cry Havoc maps.  I own these older games, so I have a nice selection of maps and overlays available.

I hope I get more chances to play.  The game seems reasonably suitable to solitaire play too.

After we finished my whipping, we played a game of Stratego.  I recently bought a nice first edition of this game, with the handsome wooden pieces.  We had a good match, but Kyle prevailed again.

Later, Kyle, Terry and Peggy joined me for a spot of gaming.  We decided upon Splendor.  This is a game Peggy enjoys, and the rest of us like it too.  It played quickly, so we played it again.  I think Kyle had a good time today, he left for home having won all 4 games he played.


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