More Games Played

Recent gaming:

Risk 2210 – Unremarkable Risk variant.  Rick received this as a gift, and was keen to try it.  In theory it should be short.  But if I am going to play Risk, I would prefer to keep going with our Risk Legacy game series.

Melee – the old Steve Jackson fight game.  Taught Alex the basic system.  Maybe we can progress to a programmed adventure.  I have some old ones, and a couple of new ones.

Real Action Stockcar Championship – Alex and I had some fun with this.  Still feels a bit too mechanical to me.

Legendary Encounters (Alien) – I still don’t love cooperative games, but I will admit this one held my interest.  It helps that I have seen the movies.

Lewis & Clark – My third try.  I did the best I have ever done.  But I still finished in the back of the pack.

Cribbage – The old tried and true.

Puerto Rico – We were five and played the classic game, no expansions.  Great great game.

Broker – Amy and I played this 2p.  Worked pretty well.  I could see adding a 3rd player.  But no way on the counts up to 6, as stated on the box.

Trains – This worked pretty good as a 2p game.

Bazaar – And this is a great 2p game.


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