Never say never, but I am feeling like I have entered a phase in my boardgame journey where I am not all that keen to buy many more games.  I’ve churned through so many games, and I still own so many games I want to play more of, that I am currently not really keen to open my wallet for more games.

And with this realization, I am finding that I may not want to spend as much time on BGG.  Because while there is good info on BGG, there is also a “buy more games, buy the new games” culture strongly present.  I know myself, and despite my protestations, I will find myself explaining to myself why I am wanting to buy another game.

But can I really break away from BGG?  No – to be honest, I don’t think I can.  So instead I am looking at my subscriptions on BGG, and asking myself, “Is this sub about a game I want to talk about? or, Is this a sub enabling me to spend more money?”  If it is the latter, I have been unsubscribing.

We’ll see if I can modify my behavior enough to notice a difference.


One Response to “Saturation”

  1. Rob Derrick (@robmderrick) Says:

    I only subscribe to games I own. I really hopes this keeps my game buying down, because it is still too high. I averaged this past year at about one new game per month.

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