Saturday is nigh, and that means a game day!  I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, and playing games all day.  I will be grilling some bratwurst and BBQ chicken thighs if the weather allows.  Otherwise I am keen to just have fun with anyone who wants to play a game with me.

I do not have a real agenda, but Rob is bringing “Thick Potatoes” a game I’ve been curious about for a decade, so I do hope to play that.  And I would enjoy it if we can get in a play of Tyranno Ex – I have had the German edition for years, but cannot recall ever playing it.

And after that?  Let’s see who is here and what sounds like fun.  I don’t have all that many new games anymore.  I might see if anyone wants to try Palaces of Carrara, which showed up recently, but hasn’t fit the group at game night yet.  Or I suspect many other new games will appear for the day, with happy owners hoping to see them played.

It should be fun.  Looking forward to it!


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