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More Games Played

November 25, 2014

Recent gaming:

Risk 2210 – Unremarkable Risk variant.  Rick received this as a gift, and was keen to try it.  In theory it should be short.  But if I am going to play Risk, I would prefer to keep going with our Risk Legacy game series.

Melee – the old Steve Jackson fight game.  Taught Alex the basic system.  Maybe we can progress to a programmed adventure.  I have some old ones, and a couple of new ones.

Real Action Stockcar Championship – Alex and I had some fun with this.  Still feels a bit too mechanical to me.

Legendary Encounters (Alien) – I still don’t love cooperative games, but I will admit this one held my interest.  It helps that I have seen the movies.

Lewis & Clark – My third try.  I did the best I have ever done.  But I still finished in the back of the pack.

Cribbage – The old tried and true.

Puerto Rico – We were five and played the classic game, no expansions.  Great great game.

Broker – Amy and I played this 2p.  Worked pretty well.  I could see adding a 3rd player.  But no way on the counts up to 6, as stated on the box.

Trains – This worked pretty good as a 2p game.

Bazaar – And this is a great 2p game.



November 17, 2014

Never say never, but I am feeling like I have entered a phase in my boardgame journey where I am not all that keen to buy many more games.  I’ve churned through so many games, and I still own so many games I want to play more of, that I am currently not really keen to open my wallet for more games.

And with this realization, I am finding that I may not want to spend as much time on BGG.  Because while there is good info on BGG, there is also a “buy more games, buy the new games” culture strongly present.  I know myself, and despite my protestations, I will find myself explaining to myself why I am wanting to buy another game.

But can I really break away from BGG?  No – to be honest, I don’t think I can.  So instead I am looking at my subscriptions on BGG, and asking myself, “Is this sub about a game I want to talk about? or, Is this a sub enabling me to spend more money?”  If it is the latter, I have been unsubscribing.

We’ll see if I can modify my behavior enough to notice a difference.

Games Played

November 16, 2014

The B-day game party is over, and lots of fun was had!

Romeo & Julia – Zack and Rob were the first two through the door.  They agreed to try this rare game by Jean du Poel.  The artwork is nice, the theme is cool, and none of us really understood what we were trying to do.  After one hand several others showed up, so went on to the next game.  But it got me thinking about this game, and with some time today, I reworked the rules into something I feel may be a bit more comprehensible.  So I will be looking for some new recruits to try this again, but next time as a 4-p game.

Heimlich & Co. – Seven of us played, and I thought the session went right well.  I like these older Euros where everyone can learn the game in a few moments, and the fun plays out right quick.

Turmbau zu Babel (Tower of Babel) – I taught the game, but had to take a phone call.  By the time I got back, (relieving Peggy, who also needed to take the call) the game was in a sorry state.  Apparently I hadn’t made the rules clear to folks, because half the players ended up unable to advance to scoring positions.  Too bad, I think this is a nice game, but I bet most folks won’t be too keen to try it again.

Carabande – More people were arriving, and folks wanted to play together.  So a quick 1-lap circuit of Carabande was in order.  Always fun.

Steam Park – Rob brought this new game.  I found it was quite enjoyable.  Players build fanciful theme parks, and have to manage the operation, attract the right visitors, etc.  It is a nice light management game.

Nur Peanuts! – 6 of us played this because it was relatively short, and we were trying to intersect with the other game table that was going.  We ended up running a bit long, and missed the intersection.  But the game was fun.

Dicke Kartoffeln (Thick Potatoes) – An older and heavier Euro about the management of potato farming.  This was a demanding game that really punished the players with adversity and featured a lot of careful accounting.  In other words, I loved it.

Timber – A big crew reassembled after our grilled dinner, and 8 of us ended up playing Timber, another Jean du Poel game.  We took on the role of Canadian Lumberjacks and raced across a stream full of logs, chopped our trees and then raced back to the opposite shore to prove who was the mightiest lumberjack of them all.  Turns out it was Rowan!

Tyranno Ex – Yep we got er played.  One player squeaked before we could end the game, but we played about 3/4 of the game.  Great fun.  I hope to play again soon.


November 13, 2014

Saturday is nigh, and that means a game day!  I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, and playing games all day.  I will be grilling some bratwurst and BBQ chicken thighs if the weather allows.  Otherwise I am keen to just have fun with anyone who wants to play a game with me.

I do not have a real agenda, but Rob is bringing “Thick Potatoes” a game I’ve been curious about for a decade, so I do hope to play that.  And I would enjoy it if we can get in a play of Tyranno Ex – I have had the German edition for years, but cannot recall ever playing it.

And after that?  Let’s see who is here and what sounds like fun.  I don’t have all that many new games anymore.  I might see if anyone wants to try Palaces of Carrara, which showed up recently, but hasn’t fit the group at game night yet.  Or I suspect many other new games will appear for the day, with happy owners hoping to see them played.

It should be fun.  Looking forward to it!


November 7, 2014

I recently decided to buy a few games off of eBay.  One game I let slip through my hands a few years ago was D-Day.  I think D-Day is a historically interesting game.  It was released in 1961 by Charles S. Roberts/Avalon Hill.  It was the first WWII war game that featured the use of a hex grid.  Obviously this was a big step forward for the “ConSim” hobby.  Countless games took this idea forward.  The original D-Day was quickly revised.  In 1962 several rule tweaks were made to it.  In 1965 another designer heavily reworked the game again.  Lots of changes in a short amount of time.

Personally, I’ve been curious to see the original rules.  So I bought a copy off eBay, but I learned that I had missed the mark.  I ended up with a 1962 edition.  So I bought again, and now have the 1961 original edition.  it is in horrible shape.  But between it and the 1962 edition, I think I can make pretty good copy to play upon.  The various differences are fascinating to me.  I’ve begun to try to correct a number of errors on BGG.  Pointless, I suppose.  But there is so much misinformation about the early editions of this game that I am sure it causes many people to misunderstand which edition they own, or are offering for sale on eBay.

The differences are fine points.  The 1961 and 1962 editions are nearly identical.  Only once you see the reference guide included in the game do you know which one you have.  The 1965 edition is nearly identical.  the cover is very slightly changed.  The map has been slightly changed.  But the rules are heavily tweaked.  Then in 1977 the game got another edition.  This one is the easiest to spot.  The cover is still much the same, but the block of text is much smaller and cramped than before, making it easy to spot.  Nevertheless, the BGG entry has the wrong edition shown…

So my goal, is to catalog the various differences and post a guide on BGG.  I doubt that anyone will really find it useful.  But sifting through all these details is right up my alley.