Revisiting games I had dismissed

Zack and Amy were my players this past Tuesday night.  One of the games we played was Auf Heller und Pfennig.  I had owned the American release, Kingdoms, a few years ago.  At that time, I hadn’t really cared for it.  It felt very abstract, and I quickly ditched it to move on to better games.

This spring I had a chance to get an inexpensive copy of the German 1st edition, and mostly out of curiosity I decided to get it.  It had sat on my shelf for a few months, but Zack and Amy were amenable, so we gave it a try.  Overall I think all three of us liked it a fair bit.

For me, I have been finding that games I quickly dismissed a decade ago sometimes work better for me upon revisitation.  I had this same experience with Medina, another game I felt was too abstract when I first tried it.  But found I rather enjoyed getting back to it in the past year or two.  I wouldn’t mind trying Carolus Magnus again, as that is another decade-old game that I have some memory of as having something interesting in it.

All this begs the question – why have I churned through so many games?  If I had kept them, I wouldn’t have to re-acquire – an activity I find I do more often than I think is normal with other game collectors/owners.


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