Old Games & a new Myth

No gaming this Monday, but I thought I’d post anyways.  I believe I have two readers – so lets not stop the presses!

I played Myth twice on Saturday.  This is basically a rpg-board game.  Unlike Heroquest, all players get a hero, and some basic rules guide how we cope with the opposition.  Alex did a great job painting the miniatures, and they really added to the game.  In general, I enjoyed myself.  Seems like a tough game to get to the table though – it is really going to shine if you have a core group who plays it as a campaign.  And the folks who like that sort of stuff will tend to want to play traditional rpgs instead.

I also played Ben Hur twice on Saturday.  Oops – I taught it wrong.  The game has some accident cards, and I ruled that if you failed, you were out of the game.  Not so.  Instead if you fail your hand size is reduced by 1.  Oops.  Fortunately this is a speedy game, so no one had to sit out too long.  Regardless, it was fun to get one of these handmade wooden games out to play.  I had a heck of time fitting it all back in the tube.  But tonight I managed to get it packed in.

This year I’ve had a fair bit of fun playing old games.  Playing the wooden tile edition of Acquire really elevated the game for me.  Playing Mr. President twice was also a highlight.  Both of these games are old 3M bookshelf games.  I decided to order another 3m game off of eBay.  I just got a notice that my copy of Bazaar has shipped (which is curious since the post office observes Columbus Day).  I’m looking forward to trying it.

But I don’t need to order too many old games.  I own plenty.  I’ve been reading the rules to Orbit.  This is an old Franckh game.  Orbit is really three games, but one of them is sort of a precursor to Ricochet Robot.  I am doubtful I will be good at any of these games, but I am hoping to spring this on some Tuesday night gamers relatively soon, or perhaps at my B-Day game party.

On my GCL on BGG (if that makes any sense at all) I posted a tribute to Karl-Heinz Schmiel.  His most recent game is from 2007, making him a forgotten designer for the modern gamer.  Fortunately there are enough greybeards like me on the list to garner some discussion.  After some of the commentary, I am now hepped up to play my German edition of Tyranno Ex, and that will definitely be on my request list for the B-Day game day.


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