An unexpected trip

Recently I pulled all my games into the Bistro.  This has meant I have been handling my old Microgame collection for the first time in many years.  I pulled out Melee, the old Steve Jackson combat game, and did a bit of solitaire gaming over the weekend.  I was reminded that I really like this system.  Melee was expanded by a companion game, Wizard.  Together, these games were known as The Fantasy Trip.

When I was introduced to these games The Fantasy Trip (TFT) was a going concern.  Compared to D&D, I recall esteeming TFT as much more logical and specific.  The story of Steve Jackson’s departure from Metagaming and Metagaming’s subsequent collapse is recorded elsewhere by people who were there.  But ultimately TFT had to die, and Steve Jackson eventually morphed TFT into “GURPS”.  GURPS is much more of a full-blown role-playing system.  But Melee/Wizard are at their heart, a tabletop miniatures fighting system.

I’ve so enjoyed reacquainting myself with these old microgames, that I have ordered a few of the old microquests off of eBay.  I just received Grailquest, and anticipate seeking the Holy Grail in Arthurian England, and I am awaiting delivery of Security Station, which is a combat only (no magic) module about penetrating a High-Tech station.  I also found a company, Dark City games, who continues to support this old system.  To avoid legalities they have renamed the system to Legends of the Ancient World, but it is clearly The Fantasy Trip.  I’ve ordered a couple of their solo adventures too.  One will have me be a Roman Legionaire stationed on the Rhine, and another sounded sort of Lovecraftian.

So I’ll see how this goes.  I am anticipating having fun with this old favorite set of games, coupled with some new, or new-to-me adventures.  All of these modules are written for solitaire play.  Should be fun!


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