Tuesday Night Gaming

Last night Ed was the first to arrive, so I played Whacky Wit with him.  This was lots of fun, and most everyone else showed up during our game.  This game draws a lot of attention, and generates smiles and excitement as you play.  Yes, it is totally too expensive.  But I am getting a lot of enjoyment out of it.  wakawakawakawaka…..

We ended up at 6, which isn’t my favorite number, for gaming.  We debated a bit about what to play.  Some folks were up for Princes of the Renaissance or Great Fire of London, but I declared my support for the third title proposed, and we ended up playing Power Grid.  I have played a lot of Power Grid over the years, and for a while I was totally burnt out on it.  But I’ve begun playing occasionally again.  My recent plays had all been on the original Germany map.  So last night I was interested in playing on an expansion map.  There was some interest in playing either Korea or China, so we grabbed the board, and ultimately decided to play the Korea game – partially because it looked easier on the extra rules.

Korea is interesting because there are two marketplaces.  In the usual order players have to declare where they will buy, then they actually buy after everyone has committed.  It’s a simple change to the rules.  But the ripples into the game are interesting.  Each market is unique.  North Korea doesn’t sell uranium.  And both markets have different capacities and refill rates.  I quite liked the changes for this version of the game.

After gaming, I browsed BGG, and re-discovered that a deluxe version of Power Grid is coming.  I am enticed.  I expect that I will be buying the deluxe version once it becomes available in the USA.


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