Last night at Rick’s house we committed to play a game of Rise and Fall.  This is a game we have a long history with.  It is an ideal 3-player game.  And since one of the regulars is away for a couple more weeks, we decided this would be a great time to stretch out into a long game.  I agreed to play the Roman Empire.  This means I control most of the map, have great troops, a big income, and lots of military advantages.  However, the game is stacked against me.  I have to hold off the Persian Empire and 3 tribes of barbarians.  Making matters worse, I have to deal with revolts and crushing maintenance costs for my military.

In other words – this GREAT!

We almost finished two turns.  next Monday we will do better, as we can jump straight into the game.  Regardless of how far we get, I am having a great time playing this much-loved game from our gaming past.  Last night Rome got punched pretty hard.  But i am planning on holding out another turn, hopefully two before I have to retire my Imperial position, and cycle back in as a new barbarian horde.


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