I enjoyed attending Monday night gaming this week.  This was the first time in a month I could attend.  And it was nice to rejoin our traditional foursome.  I will talk about what we played.  But first this observation:

During August I was packing games I wanted to take to a game gathering.  I had decided I wanted to get back to an older game, Nur Peanuts, but during packing I couldn’t find it.  I searched through the Bistro collection and checked my closets, but no joy.  After the event, I thought about it, and deduced the last time I had played it I was at Monday night gaming.  So the next time I went over there I took a peek through my Rick’s game room.  He maintains a “visiting shelf”, and sure enough I found my game.  So I took it home, and Nur Peanuts is once again available for play.

This past week I reorganized my collection and consolidated everything.  As I did so, I realized I couldn’t find my copy of Grand Prix: A Sports Car Racing Game.  This bugged me, as this ame is quite rare (I am one of 10 listed owners on BGG).  I searched my collection, but it just wasn’t there.  So last night I visited Rick’s, and once again checked his “visiting shelf”.  Sure enough, there was the Grand Prix game.  It had been hanging out there for the past three years!

The other game system I keep at Rick’s is all my Formula De stuff.  We’ve played a lot of FD as linked series over there, and I’ve gotten so much more out of this game by keeping it there than I ever would have if I’d kept the game and tracks in my own Bistro.

Power Grid: Factory Manager – I was introduced to this game in August, and rather liked it.  I played it as a 2p game, and it worked pretty well.  Monday night we played it with 4 players, and I liked it differently.  I love the graphic style of the game, which evokes the Power Grid style.  The game play is interesting, and I enjoyed optimizing my factory.  But I have to admit the game slipped just a bit for me.  I may be wrong, but I worry that this game is going to get “samey”.  All of the tiles are in the game (for any given player count) and do not vary from game to game.  Yes, the energy prices will vary – but basically the core of the game is going to be identical each time you play.  I suspect this game is going to be very prone to group-think.  I am still up for playing more of it.  I am already aware of ways I want to optimize differently the next time we play.



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