96 of 331

I computed my collection as 329 just the other day.  But as I consider, there are more:

I own Civil War: The Popular Edition, a game I really ought to load onto the BGG server; and 18Africa, a prototype 18xx game I have printed out, and cobbled together from other 18xx sets.

Anyway, what I want to blog about follows:

A friend of mine maintains a collection of about 300 games.  He makes a point of playing every game at least once each year.  I, on the other hand have 96 games in my collection that I have no recorded play of – per BGG data.  So let’s explore what I am NOT playing, and why I own it:

Metagaming Microgames – This is a big group of games.  There are over 20 games here I mostly own, just to own them.  I loved these games in my youth, but couldn’t collect them back then.  So these games definitely have a place on a game shelf even if I don’t play them these days.

18xx – I currently have six 18xx games that I own but have not played:  18Africa, 1817, 1835, 1870, 1829 North, and 1895: Namibia.  I would love to play each of these.  And I have hopes I will.  It will just take time, as 18xx opportunities don’t align very often.

Columbia block wargames – I have two of these.  I don’t play wargames very often, but Columbia’s block system really appeals. I have Hammer of the Scots and Richard III waiting in the wings.

Classic games – I have about fifteen games such as Chess, Checkers, antique curiosities, and original Avalon Hill games that I hang onto with no real goal in place of playing them.  For example my copy of Huggin’ the Rail has great artwork, and looks good sitting on a high shelf in the Bistro.

Cry Havoc – I have three games, Cry HavocSiege, and Outremer, which I have vague hopes of playing.  These were games I recall seeing in friends homes long ago, and they always intrigued me.  It is sort of a squad leader type game for medieval combat.  I don’t have an opponent for these sorts of games, though.

Franckh – I am embarrassed to admit that there are still fourteen games on hand from my buying spree from three years ago.  I knew when I sought out the Franckh games that I would have to work to get them played.  I have had some success.  But clearly I need to try harder.

Poel – I’ve been trying to collect more of Jean du Poel’s releases through Historien Spiele Galerie.  I have five games in the queue to try.

And that still leaves 28 other games I haven’t logged a play of.  I won’t list them all.  But here are a few:

Battle Masters – I would enjoy dinking around with this game again.  Lots of fun fantasy battle miniatures, easy to play.  Except you generally play on the floor…

Die Mauer – Seems easy to play.  It could be a nice filler for the club.

Full Metal Planete – Grail game.  I don’t really think it is a Kevin game.  But I should try it.

Mary Dowser – Reinhold Wittig comes up with a game about dowsing, using magnets.

Panzer General: I have both Allied Assault and Russian Assault.  I’m curious…

Popular Front – 6 player game, two teams vie in the Spanish civil war.  Seems impossible to get to the table.  But it seems like a neat idea.

Supergang – This just looks fun.  Comes with a dart gun…

Takt Voll – Game about music scoring…  Certainly seems unique.


Overall, I am still wanting these games!




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