Counting Games

I recently decided to consolidate all my games.  I realized I had dragged a good number of them into the home, and that they were beginning to pile up.  So I took them out to the Game Bistro- my dedicated game space – housed in a separate building in my back yard.

But then I got motivated, and searched the house.  I had squirreled my old microgames away in a desk.  I had the Cry Havoc games in a closet, and I had a few other cubbies stuffed with old treasures.  Eventually I got them all into the Bistro.

Next task was to organize them.  I decided I should put all of the 2p games in a single bookcase.  And I made a mighty try.  But eventually I had to admit the 2p collection was too large for the space I set aside for them.  But even though I had to move a portion of the 2p games elsewhere, for the first time ever, I have a go-to bookcase for 2p gaming.

I’ve collected a fair number of 18xx games too, and I got those in a dedicated bookcase.  For the rest of the games, I knew not all of them would fit into my usual matrix, sorted by players they can accommodate.  So I sorted out the older games, and created a “vintage” shelf.

By the time I was done the shelves looked nicely plump again.  Prior to beginning this huge sifting of my game collection I had been feeling that I had a few holes to fill.  I had my count of games down to 280 or so, as I measured my collection on BGG.

But for the first time ever, I finally had all of my games in the Bistro.  So I made a list of all the games I had brought into the Bistro.  And then because I felt like being complete, I searched my high shelves and recorded all the titles that merely serve as artwork.  And I entered all these games into my collection on BGG.

Voila!  My game collection is now up to 329.  That means I had roughly 50 games squirreled away in the house, or had games on my shelves that I hadn’t reported as part of my collection.  Clearly, I have not gotten as minimalist as I had been thinking.

Now I have to decide if I care about the count.


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