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June 7, 2014

I haven’t played an 18xx game since April, and I haven’t played a local game since Chester moved away.  But it has been running through my mind.  I read the 18xx Yahoo group, and recently JC posed a question asking what was the one single thing that drew (you) to 18xx?

I’ve been letting that bubble in my mind for a while.  Still not sure what my answer is.  But I do know that I am hooked.  18xx seems to be my favorite game system.  I’m slowly feeling more comfortable with the system, and feel I can usually provide good opposition.  I can even occasionally win, which I admit does buoy the spirits.

I’ve been rueing my past decisions to let some of the 18xx collection go.  I got complacent with Chester and his big collection of 18xx titles here in Albuquerque.  With his departure, I have decided to re-acquire a few titles.  I purchased 1870 last week.  I am attempting to buy 1835.  I’ve made multiple trade offers for a copy of 1856, but no joy yet.

In addition to those older titles, I have a couple newer titles: 18OE (Orient Express) and 1862 (England).  We have a play date scheduled for later in June, and I imagine we will play one of these new titles.  I’ve played both, just once.  But I am confident I can teach either of them, once I review the rules anyways.