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Games acquired, Geeklists made

January 17, 2014

I haven’t really been playing all that much due to travel.  But I have been buying some games, and creatings a couple of geeklists about games.


Expedition: NorthwestPassage – I was recently in NYC.  So of course I visited The Compleat Strategist.  I decided this game was of interest, and could also fit in my luggage!  It looks lovely, although I was shorted a scoring marker.  I hope to play it, of course, soon!

The American Goldrush 1849 – Coming home, this package had arrived, along with the next two items.  I had a lot of fun playing Timber by Jean du Poel around the holidays, and decided I wanted to try this title again.  As a bonus I got the Historien Spiele Galerie edition this time, instead of the Fagus edition.

Locomotion – An old Franckh game that has a terrible reputation.  But I was enticed to try it as a solitaire puzzle.  Also it fits into my Franckh game collection nicely.

Domino Knobelspass – I had fun with this a few years ago, and decided I wanted it back in the collection.  It ostensibly could be a 2p game.  But really it is a sloitaire pursuit for me.

Popular Front – I traded my copy of Pax Porfiriana for this.  I wasn’t playing Pax.  Maybe I will play this one.  I enjoy trying out the games from Numbskull Games.  This one is a team-based wargame, but quite light.


I finally published my big ludography of Edition Perlhuhn:


I also posted a half-baked list:


I also did a small list about Cry Havoc:


And my first list of the year was this resolution list: