2013 – Gaming through adversity

Last night was the holiday party at the game bistro.  About a dozen of us gathered to play games, and munch a few cookies.  It was great to see friends enjoying themselves.  Next Tuesday is Christmas eve, and the following one is New Year’s eve.  So Bistro gaming is done for the year.

2013 was a tough year for the Whitmore family.  In January my mother passed away, and dad followed in February.  Then in November my beloved brother-in-law also passed away.

Much less personal, but in January the company I have worked at for many years was sold.  While things have not changed drastically, it did wipe out my expansive amount of personal time I could use.  Then in September my employer turned on a new software package to run the business.  This was the equivalent of a hurricane blowing through the business.  Suddenly huge amounts of overtime were needed to try to compensate for how poorly this new software was working.

Through it all I attempted to keep my gaming routines going.  We certainly missed several weeks of gaming at the bistro in 2013, more so than any previous year.  But despite the frequent interruptions in my ability to host, the game group stuck with me.  A blessing indeed, as I have greatly enjoyed the pleasure of gaming with so many friends.

This blog has been largely ignored for many months now.  With the new year, I intend to write here more often.  So if you happen across this, feel free to stop by again though 2014 – I will attempt to begin posting on a more routine schedule again.

Happy Holidays, and good gaming.


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