Examing the Collection

I’ve been traveling, and am finally home for what will be a couple of months.  So this seems like an ideal time to do some collection management.

My collection has once again crept over 300 games.  This isn’t a big problem, but it is the count I have imposed on myself for a signal that it is time to cull.

My penchant for trying older Euros continues to be a problem.  First of all, they are difficult to get to the table.  Secondly, they are difficult to be rid of.  I’m conducting a brief fire sale over on BGG to clear some space.

I made the mistake of viewing a friends trade list and have agreed to buy 4 more games.

All this adds up to some froth in the collection.  It got me thinking, and I realized tonight that even with some mad money from my game sale, I don’t have too many new games that I am itching to get.  So I thought it might be interesting to do a statistical study of the age of my games in my collection.

So here it is, in broad percentages:

19th Century or older: 1.7%

1900 – 1950: 2%

1950’s: 1.3%

1960’s: 2%

1970’s: 4.3%

1980’s: 16%

1990’s: 27.3%

2000 – 2009: 40%

2010 -2011: 5.3%

2012: 0%

I own 25 games from the year 2004, and while some are not secure in my collection the bulk of them are likely to remain.  Compare that to 2010 , where I have 12 games, and 2011 where I only have 4 games.  It is apparent my interest in new games is not burning as strong as it did a few years ago.

And when I consider future purchases, I seem to be splitting my interest between deluxe editions of known games, back list games I am still intrigued by, and some new games.  So the trend on my collection continuing to age seems likely.

This is not to say I am closed to new games.  I have played a number of new games recently, and enjoyed them all.  They just don’t seem to be hopping in my shopping cart as often.


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