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New Game Roundup

January 21, 2012

It’s been a while since I posted anything here.  So I thought I’d do a summary of the new-to-me games I’ve been playing:

Peloponnes – I bought this while I was in Manhattan, at the Compleat Strategist.  We played once, and after reading the rules I learned we got a couple of rules wrong.  But even so, it was entertaining, and I am interested in getting back to it.  Our first game wasn’t all that quick, but we saw the likelihood that we could make this a game of just 1 hour or so.  Novelty factor remains high.

1889 – Played this for just the second time.  A very entertaining 18xx game.  This game is supposedly a quick 18xx game, but we still managed to spend 4.5 hours on it.  I don’t mind, I had fun and actually won for a change.  I ordered this game from Deep Thought Games after my first encounter with it.  This session showed me that the game can develop very differently.  With the small map there could be a limit to the variations possible, I suppose.  But so far I am still intrigued.

Rails of New England – I played this with my friend Joe during my visit to New England.  Joe, being a New Englander, was quite adroit at finding the various cities on the map.  I could see how my ignorance would add significant time to the play of the game.  The game itself was pretty good.  I enjoyed how the game uses different decks of cards to drive the three stages of the game.  But I don’t intend to buy this game, and suspect I may not play it again.

Rapa Nui – Another game Joe taught me.  This is a slightly older game by Reinhold Wittig.  Rapa Nui is a beautiful wooden board with wooden pieces.  Of course, highly abstract.  I rather liked it, and would love to get a copy someday.

Jati – This is a 3M game that is famous for its scarcity.  So it was fun to actually play it.  Nothing special, truth be told.  But I am still pleased to have had a chance to actually see and have played this game!

Rallyman – We just did a single heat at the end of game night.  But it reminded me that I like this system.  So when I saw the “Dirt” expansion for it at the Compleat Strategist, I went ahead and got it.  Now I am motivated to find a way to do a series…

Great Fire of London – To my surprise this game has received several requests.  The fact that it plays 6 has added to its utility.  I do like the theme, but am not so sure there is all that much strategy to apply.  But so far I have been enjoying it as an experience game.

1846 – We finally got back to this, and I remain a fan.  1846 is a game that can really develop wildly different each play.  Of all the 18xx games I’ve played, this one seems to have the most variety in its gameplay.

Lancaster – I played this again, for my third play.  I am comfortable with this game now.  I guess it grew on me.  I gave the expansion laws to a couple friends who own the game, and I will be happy to play it with them.  Its not a game I need to own, but I;m happy to play occasionally.  I still think going to war in France is overpowered though.

7 Wonders – I have not gotten back to this.  But I enjoyed my initial session.  While quite different, I can see how 7 Wonders and Peloponnes might compete for the same game time.

Formidable Foes – Not a game I was looking to play, nor one I expected to like.  But despite several concerns, when we actually played this, everyone had fun.  Even so, I am not really looking to play this again.