One activity I enjoy with my boardgaming hobby is creating player aids.  My love for office supplies is a running joke with my wife.  Recently I managed to damage my old printer trying to force some 110 lb test cardstock through.  I was a bit mad at myself for damaging what had been a good printer.

Last Sunday I bought a new printer.  I opted for a different unit, one that requires less bending of the paper – it feeds from the back.  I was initially pleased with the printer, and excited that it was a wi-fi printer, allowing me to set it up in a different room (no printer cable!).  But just 5 days later I am now unable to print again.  Somehow the new printer has managed to break my “print spooler” on my lap top.  Grrr.

Last night I wasted much of my evening trying to re-enable my print spooler.  No dice.  I have an e-mail off to my printer manufacturer.  I’m hoping they know how to fix this issue.  I find this sort of junk very frustrating.

Sorry for the lack of gaming content!


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