The Weather Outside is Frightful…

Monday night, but I skipped gaming.  I’ve gotten spoiled by the usual nice New Mexico weather, and tonight’s snow, ice and single digit weather forecast induced me to stay home rather than venture across town for the usual Monday night gaming.

So for a spot of amusement, I thought I’d list the games I own that refer to bad weather…

A Few Acres of Snow – And in my opinion, a crackin’ good game!

Der Untergang von Pompeji – Okay that’s a stretch!

Snow Tails – And I will admit, I don’t quite get what a “snow tail” might be, except perhaps the thing the driver of the sled might see!

Tyranno Ex! – Okay this is actually about climate change, and the title doesn’t really refer to the weather, per se… but I’m running out of candidates!

Huh – turns out I don’t have much in this zone.  I did check out Meteo (also known as Wind und Wetter), which would have qualified.  But as it happened I didn’t like that game enough to keep it.

So it would seem that generally speaking we are reduced to complaining about the weather, but not really doing anything (in a game) about it!


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