Awful Green

Thanksgiving Day my niece and I played The Awful Green Things from Outer Space.  We had so much fun, that we played it twice.  We played on a never-before used 1980 TSR big box edition.  We punched the counters and had a great time.  The next day she showed me how she had redrawn the comic characters into her iPad.  So that was gratifying.  She really enjoyed it!

I was tempted to leave the game with her.  But I knew there was a nice newer edition, and so I decided to take the old game home and buy a new copy to give to her.  While the TSR edition I brought was unpunched, and never played before – it still showed some signs of its age (31 years old!).  It is musty, I see a bit of mildew, and the rules have yellowed.

So now I will buy the reputedly wonderful 8th edition of the game, now from Steve Jackson Games.  And that means placing an order…  So now I am wondering what else should I buy?

1830 has a nice new edition.  But two other players here in ABQ already have it…

There are a couple Columbia block games that entice, but the ones I already own are not seeing much action…

I could consider the anniversary edition of Puerto Rico.  But honestly, I’m not so sure the new edition is as wonderful as the original edition…

Of all the newer games that I’ve seen come to game night Navegador is the most enticing.  But again two other players already have it…

So I haven’t yet solved this.  I seem to not be too enticed by new games indeed.


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