Re-Discovering Columbus

Tuesday evening we had a group of 6, and we wanted something different.  Sensing an opportunity to get something unfamiliar on the table I proposed we play Columbus, a game by Wolfgang Kramer from 1991.  Of course, as we learn in school, “In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue”.  Which is why at least a couple of games about Columbus were released prior to the 500th anniversary.

Turns out the Kramer game is beautifully produced, works well with a full load of six, and really quite charming.  I had an excellent time playing the game again, and at least one other player was quite impressed.  Everyone gave it at least a “Good” rating, with me and one other giving it an “Excellent” rating.

One special attraction to this game, is that Rob Derrick chromed me out by giving me a custom player aid, and a wonderful custom English rules manual (the game is in German, but the play materials are language neutral).

A wonderful game event!


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