Memoir ’44 Campaign-Style

The last two weeks Alex and I have been playing Memoir ’44.  I have the Campaign Book, which strings together a series of scenarios into campaigns – where how things resolve direct where your next battle will happen.

I’ve been enjoying doing this.  It’s nice to finally get some regular play in with the plethora of game materials I have assembled for Memoir ’44, and I am having fun just playing the game.  Memoir is a lucky game.  Wild swings of luck can deeply influence the outcome.  But at the same time some scenarios are really much tougher than others.  I don’t mind luck in my games, and Memoir at least is constantly using dice, so in theory the luck should average out over time.

We’ve been playing the D-Day campaign.  In the first sequence of scenarios, Alex, playing the Allies, could do nothing wrong.  He won a decisive victory in the “Flanking Caen” scenarios.  But for the “Taking Caen” scenarios I was able to battle back to a major victory.  So going into the final leg of scenarios, Alex is holding a 3 – 2 lead over me.  But at least it is close enough to add some drama to the final set of scenarios.


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