Dust and Paint

Warning, no gaming content included.

We’ve been busy around here with home improvements.  We hired a contractor to fix a few things, including some cracked plaster in our home.  They swathed the house in plastic on Thursday, and finished up with sanding Saturday morning.  We asked them to leave the plastic down, as we now need to paint.  Yesterday we got both spare bedrooms wiped down and primed.  Today we hope to wipe down the plaster repairs in the dining room, prime the dining room, and get final coats of fresh paint on the bedrooms.

Part of the fun of owning an older home.  (Our home was built in 1949.)

That leaves the kitchen, which needs some paint too.  We’ll assess how to proceed on it as today’s labors proceed.  I’m tempted to leave it for later, but we may bite the bullet and keep going.

I wish I were gaming!


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