Playin’ and Collecting at top speed

Whoosh!  The time has flown by, and this blog has been neglected.

I’ve played about 8 million games lately and bought about 2 million new games.  Well.  I’ve been busy with my gaming hobby…

The 10th Game Fandango came and went over Labor Day weekend.  In addition to a lot of games being played, I really enjoyed seeing old friends – some whom I only get to see at this game retreat.  My favorite weekend of the year!  Here is what I played, along with a few pithy comments:

Wabanti – An Edition Perlhuhn game.  Pure abstract.  Quite fun with 2.  I think a 3rd player might be even better.

Pond Hockey – While I still prefer StreetSoccer, this is a fun game.

A Few Acres of Snow – I enjoyed showing this to Rob.  He was impressed.  But this was my fourth play, and I keep finding more to like.  Seems like experience pays off big with this game.

Campaign Manager 2008 – Neat game, but ugh the theme!

World Cup Cricket – It was cute!

Inca Empire – Years later, I have finally played this game.  Quite good too.

Sumo Ham Slam – OMG!!!

Race for the Galaxy – My first play, and I can tell this has a lot of game in the box.  Not so sure its for me, though.

Water Lily – Great light game that is both fast and thinky!

Marakech – Love it!  Dominique Erhardt is becoming one of my favorite designers.

Fast Food Franchise – An old favorite.  But new players never love it anymore.  It’s era has passed by.

Tal der Koenige – The Pyramid game.  Years later, I have finally played this a second time.  Quite enjoyable.  I’m happy to own it.

Sumo Ham Slam – OMG!!! Again!!!

Brass – We finally taught Kyle how to play this game – and that with the rules gone missing!

Civilization (Sid Meier) – This was a disaster.  I needed to have re-read the rules before we got to the table.

6 nimmt! – Light weight silliness for a large group.

Mord im Arosa – My newest Zoch game seems to be a crowd pleaser.  People seem a bit too happy to find me as the murderer.

Golf Profi – I love this game.  I also hate it.

San Juan – A simpler version of Race for the Galaxy that I like a bit.

Can’t Stop – Nice game

Memoir ’44 – This is our annual Operation Overlord battle with 8 players.  I was the Axis commander, and tried to shock and awe the Allies by equipping our side with German headgear.  Sadly we lost in a real tight battle.

Siesta – It’s fun to see some of the locals warming up to this older abstract.

The Stock Car Championship Racing Card Game – Quite fun!

Tikal 2 – I liked it.  It has a theme connection with the original.  But otherwise is a very different game.

Cyrano – Perhaps the highlight of the con.  Poetry writing game!  We wrote doggerel, and howled with laughter.

Bohnanza – A couple of folks don’t like this much.  But many of us have a great time with this game.

Tally Ho – When this game works it is very entertaining.  But sometimes it just doesn’t work.  Fortunately both of these games were close and interesting!

Lancaster – I’m not sure about this one.  Impressive, and my opponents were really enjoying the game.  But I did poorly, and suspect there may not be enough variation in what you can do.

The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game – This is a hoot!  Don’t play with anyone too serious though.

Ave Caesar – Swerving and cutting off your friends in traffic.  What’s not to like?

Call My Bluff – The best dice game around!


Next time I’ll tell you about all the game that the mailman has been bringing!


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