I’ve begun another of my collecting jags.  It inspired me to write the attached geeklist over at BGG.  Check it out, if you like.

An obvious question is WHY?  Franckh edition games are not especially well-regarded.  Why seek them out?  I stumbled onto a unique opportunity to get a good chunk of the collection, and ended up buying the lot.  That got me looking at what else there is.  Then I bought another game, then I traded for 3 others.  Yikes!  I’m out of control!

Generally speaking I am most interested in the Edition Perlhuhn portion of the list.  While I like the “Spiel Kunst” (Games as Art) ethos behind Edition Perlhuhn games, I find I dislike tube editions.  So the Franckh series for Edition Perlhuhn is appealing on that level.

My recent gaming tastes have been getting more and more ornate.  18xx, Planet Steam, Hansa Teutonica, and other recent fare is heavily layered stuff.  I do like it.  But having a series of games that are simpler strikes me as fun.

Finally I do enjoy tracking down obscure games and shedding a bit of light on them.


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