Wargaming Again?


Monday night I played Avalon Hill’s Civil War.  This was quite enjoyable, and you can read my comments about the session through the link above.  I also find myself with Panzergruppe Guderian set up in the spare room, and I’m contemplating getting a couple other wargames.

Further, I ordered A Few Acres of Snow, a new Martin Wallace game about the French and Indian War.  It hasn’t arrived yet.  But I am enjoying reading all the commentary about it on BGG.  Apparently lots of folks like it, and it seems to be a blend of wargame and Dominion.  I wouldn’t have guessed I would be interested in this one, as I’ve only played Dominion once (ok, nothing all that motivating either way), and had a rough experience with Martin Wallace’s Waterloo (prior 2p wargame effort).

But indeed, the theme enticed, and the idea of porting a Dominion type game mechanism over to a proper board game did catch my interest.  Also, it’s Martin Wallace, and even if I don’t end up loving his new games, they are almost always worth a few plays for me.






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