Guderian alone

Today I cleaned our front room.  It’s the room in our home that tends to accrue clutter.  It was too hot outside to do much, so I opted to be productive inside after a brief hour of yard work, which was finished by 9 a.m.

By noon I had put the room to rights, and after a trip to Good Will to dispose of some of the clutter, and a stop at Subway for a sandwich, I had the afternoon gloriously open before me.  With a date to meet friends at the baseball game this evening, it didn’t seem auspicious for getting friends to come by for a game.  But with the newly cleaned room available, I set up a card table and laid out Panzergruppe Guderian.

I have played Panzergruppe Guderian once.  But that was at least 3 years ago, and my opponent who taught the game wasn’t around today.  So I took it slow, reading the rules carefully.  Although Avalon Hill rates this as an introductory wargame (4 on their 1-10 complexity scale), I found some of the concepts hard to fully comprehend.  Fortunately I could draw on my prior game experience.  Even so, I made myself a couple of player aids – the turn sequence, and some reminders on supply and overruns.

I only completed 2 of the 12 turns.  But I have left the game set up, and anticipate playing more tomorrow.  Since this room is largely unused by us otherwise, I can likely leave it set up for an extended period of time if I wish.  Panzergruppe Guderian uses  untried strength for the Soviet forces.  So this makes it quite appropriate for solitaire gaming.

I have not been playing many wargames of late.  But I still like them, and suspect playing Panzergruppe Guderian solitaire may be quite fun.


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