“B&O”ne Headed

Tuesday night Chester brought B&O back for another play at the game club.  I was pleased to get into the game, as I had missed it the other time he brought it.  I then proceeded to make a bone-headed first play.  So entirely stupid that I basically threw the game away.  I tried to be a good sport and just played to improve my position.  Which I did, but still finished a distant 5th in our game.  I’d be interested in trying again, but I sensed enthusiasm for this game has waned quickly.

In other news, I enjoyed my 10 minute game of Meander on Tuesday night.  I owned Meander back in 2001 thru 2004, but eventually removed it from my collection.  Seven years later I realized I missed it, so I now own it again.  I intend to hang on to it from now on.  It’s a remarkable game, for its chunky pieces, and that you end the game with a gravity test!  Check it out on BGG if you’ve never seen this one.


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