3 from the shelf

I returned from a business trip, (oddly from a symposium scheduled over the Memorial Day weekend), just in time to host game Tuesday night.  As it happened, I played with three new(ish) players.  One had played with us just a time or two before, and a while ago at that.  The other two players were coming over for the first time.

I mentioned in my previous post that I like to match the games to be played with the interests and proclivities of the players at the table.  We stumbled around trying to figure out what might be a good fit, as we didn’t have any history together.  I ultimately offered Moongha Invaders, as I thought it might be a decent bridge between strategy and fun.  I think folks had some fun with the game.  Moongha is a funny game.  There really is some game to play – but the theme is rich, and it is entirely possible to play to just have fun, not really worrying about whether you are winning.  I think the rich theme disguises the game underneath.  Even so, while I like Moongha, it is just a fun occasional game for me.

With three new players, I wanted to mix things up, and find out what sort of games people like.  So I proffered Siesta, a damn good but highly abstract game.  One thing I really like about Siesta is the thoughtful play, the room for observation and brilliant moves.  Best yet, it comfortably plays in less than 1 hour.  Siesta seemed to earn a better reception than Moongha.

We still had time, so with a bit of time left we decided to play Saint Petersburg.  This is a classic Eurogame, and I don’t have too much left to say about it.  Saint Pete is an easy game to teach, and reasonably straightforward to learn.  Saint Pete was the best received game of them all for our table tonight.

A fun evening of gaming and three new players who were well met.  I hope to see them again across the game table!


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