Vinci revisited

Tonight we played Vinci for the first time on a Monday evening in several years.  We didn’t quite finish it, as we quit early enough to have time to try Mord im Arosa.  So we will finish up our Vinci game next week.  I am enjoying our game, although as the current leader perhaps that’s not a valid comment.

Vinci is definitely a “puss” game – which is to say a game you reach out and smack your opponents.  You decide directly which opponent will be your target, and do your worst.  And with Vinci, the combat is deterministic – so with no random elements, there is just the other players to level you off.

Despite these potentially bothersome traits, Vinci turns out to be a game I rather like.  It plays well, and the adversity encountered just makes victory that much sweeter.  But I will admit that generally speaking these multiplayer free for alls are often not a good fit for my tastes in gaming.  Vinci flows nicely though, enhancing my enjoyment of the game.

We were playing on the old 1st edition game, which does work. But there are several problems with the counters; and those rules are rough.  I’ve never seen the 2nd edition, I wonder if they worked out the issues?  I played Small World last year, when a friend brought it over.  It’s a fine game, and one I would happily play.  But both Rick and I have the old Vinci edition, and it is a fine game, so I will never buy the new Small World edition.


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