A Prince of the Renaissance

Tuesday night we had 6 players, all of whom were interested in a meaty game, so after a bit of discussion we landed upon Princes of the Renaissance.  This really appealed to me, as this is a game I hadn’t played in a couple of years.  Chester kindly taught the game, as I needed a good reminder, and we had one player who was playing for the first time.

During the first decade, I found myself constantly overbid on each family tile I proposed to acquire.  This gave me a free hand in taking condottiere roles, which I did twice.  During the second decade I finally acquired a minority interest in blue.  When I attempted to attain a second blue tile (still minor to Alex’s 3 blue tiles), I was outbid.  So I finally began a second family investment in red, quickly gaining two merchants.  After the second decade I suspected I was in trouble with just 3 family tiles, out of the 6 allowed for the entire game.  I had achieved a decent income, but knew it was going to be impossible to afford 3 additional family tiles in the final decade.  On the bright side, I had managed to get a third laurel.

Going into the final decade, I felt like I had a decent chance to win, but surely was not optimistic that I was even the frontrunner.  Blue was riding high amongst all the cities, and Alex’s 3-strong position in blue, seemed to be the front-runner to me.  So to mitigate Alex’s superior position over me, I won the bid for the final blue family tile.  However, as it happened, the final group of artists tiles (with their status adjustments) and a key battle led to an ultimate downfall of blue.  To my fortune Red did climb to 3rd position amongst the 6 families.  My best hope for key points was getting a fourth laurel, but I was unsuccessful in my condottiere duty, which cost me 4 valuable victory points. 

For the end game points, I did harbor hope of getting the 6 vps for having the most money.  But that was not to be, as Alex nosed me out by 1 dollar.  So sadly that meant I only achieved 3 pts instead.  So as it turned out I attained 31 points, losing to Chester with his 35 points, and Alex’s 32 points.  All in all a very enjoyable game, one I felt in the hunt for.  I look forward to trying again!


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