Back at the Table

I finally played a game tonight.  Nothing all that remarkable.  We were three and we played Endeavor.  (Why isn’t this spelled Endeavour? – If your going to name you exploration game after Captain Cook’s ship, why wouldn’t you use the same spelling as the ship carried?)

Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing Endeavor, but did rather poorly.  That’s okay, but I felt like the game was underdeveloped due to the low player count.  I noted many of the distant regions did not get developed.  A fourth would have helped, but I suspect this game is best with 5 players.

We finished up with plenty of time to spare, so we decided to play Siesta – which has turned into a favorite closer for us over the years.  I was the starting player, and eventually won.  I noticed that with only three players my plans worked out much better.  While there is no luck in this game, the decisions of the other players will often alter your intended moves.  I really like Siesta for the thoughtful tactics, embedded in a 20-30 minute game.


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