Curmudgeonly tendencies

I played Age of Industry again this week.  Pretty good, but ultimately something about it leaves me wishing for something more.  It’s a chip off the ‘ol Brass block, and while it does have a couple nice features, it mostly leaves me wishing for original Brass.

I haven’t had much call my name recently from the new games currently in vogue over at BGG.  Mostly I am just wanting to explore the games currently in my collection.  It seems as if I am self-selecting out of the mainstream of my hobby.

My appetite for exploring older Euros is also diminishing.  A copy of Banque Fatale came up for sale tonight – just the sort of older Euro I used to hunt down with some alacrity.  But I did a cursory look, and opted not to bid for it.

Zack gave me New Orleans Big Band recently, which is an older Euro I have wanted to play for years.  Its waiting in the wings, and I do want to play it.  But I suspect it will only get minor attention (if any) from the Bistro players.  Older copies of Pfusch and Neolithibium have never gotten on the table at the Bistro.  Although, one success story is An den Ufern des Nils – I have taken it over to a friend’s house, where we have played it 2 weeks in a row to great enthusiasm.

For me, the question of “What might have been?” has always enticed me to play older Euros.  I played Settlers back in ’95 or maybe ’96.  Later on I got the fever when Mississippi Queen and Formula De crossed my bows back in ’99.  I have frequently explored what games were theoretically available to me – just on the European continent, while I was on the North American continent, unaware a huge catalog of great games existed.

But a dozen years after being indoctrinated into this “German boardgame hobby”, I feel like I’ve done most of the back-exploration I have an appetite for.  Oh sure, I’ll continue to play newer games, and even occasionally get excited about a new game on my own.  But largely I am pretty jaded now – feeling like I’ve seen most of these themes and game mechanisms offered.

So I am feeling my curmudgeonly tendencies more and more.  But I do want to remain open to playing the new games my friends bring to the Bistro.  However, while I may enjoy the fun at the table, I will admit more often the new games leave me wishing for something closer to the wonder and excitement I felt when I first discovered this hobby back in the late 90’s.


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