Buying Games I already Own?

Redundant?  Why would I buy a game I already own?  Yet I have two cases that are being seriously considered:

1830: I have the old Avalon Hill edition.  I even upgraded the tiles with nice Deep Thought tiles.  Alex gave me some nice alternate stock certificates too.  So really I have a nice custom set already.  But I am still tempted to buy the expected Mayfair edition when it is released.  I could say it is for the extras promised – and that would be partially true.  But another part of me wants to buy it just cause I love this game and would like to own the new edition.  But I am torn – and this purchase is not a sure thing.

Ogre – Steve Jackson Games has announced they intend to do a giant-sized deluxe version of Ogre + GEV + Shockwave.  Yowza!  This is the edition I’ve moaned about for years.  Looking over at BGG I see this entry for my comment on GEV:

This is a good game.  It is the sequel to Ogre, and adds several more rules to the Ogre system.  Because of the added complexity the design is less clean.  While Ogre was re-released as a deluxe boardgame – GEV was not, which is too bad.  The small components of all GEV games prevent it from getting played much by me.  If I could have the same size components of the Deluxe Ogre boardgame, I’d like this game even more.

So this one I am much more certain that I want it.  The frontman for SJ Games seems to have his hands full coping with snarky comments from several game players who seem to believe they can tell him how he is screwing up and how it would be all better if he only did as they say.  Geesh!  I guess the publicity is worth it, but how irritating.  I will buy this deluxe edition, and while I might not have made some of the same decisions they seem to be arriving upon, I will be thrilled to finally get a copy of GEV and Shockwave in a format I would like to play.


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