Trains, Automobiles, Bicycles and Beans

Last weekend I played 2 different 18xx games.  Friday evening was devoted to 18NEB.  I rather liked it, and I was a bit surprised that I was able to manage a win despite it being my first play.  One interesting variation in this game is that there are hardly any cities.  Instead you gradually build service to towns and then upgrade the towns into cities.  It also uses incremental capitalization, which gets you rolling quickly.  A fun game, and one I’d happily agree to play agin.

Saturday morning/early afternoon was devoted to a round of 1830 – still my favorite 18xx game.  One great thing about 1830 is that there is enough game there to support multiple plays.  I am still learning from this game. 

Monday I taught Rallyman to a friend.  We started the Corsica set of races.  We just did the first segment, and will resume the second segment at a later time.  Of our group I think the game fell a bit flat with one of the players.  So I am not so sure if this series will endure.  Too bad, as I am still eager for more plays.  We finished up our Monday night gaming with one of the shorter routes for Um Reifenbreite.  What a great game!

Tuesday had me and four others exploring the mysterious Isla Dorada.  Pretty good!  I doubt I ever play much of it, as I don’t own it.  But I enjoyed it and would play again.  We finished up with a game of Bean Trader, which has been getting a fair bit of attention lately.  I think it went over reasonably well.  Bean Trader is a tougher game to teach than it is to play.


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