Black Friday

Tuesday evening Alex brought his newest game, Black Friday, over.  We played it, and it got a pretty warm response.  5 players, three said “excellent” while two said “good”.  I was one of the “good” voters.  After thinking about it for a little while, this is what I entered as my initial comment on BGG:

First play was good.  There is potential for this game to go up or down.  I found the flow slightly fidley.  I guess we played correctly, but the transfers and holding back of black cases seemed strained.

The market is basically programmed to climb, plateau and then crash.  Certainly there is room for wild variations, but on average it seems like this arc is predestined.  So you need to ride the stocks up, hop out at the top of the bubble and buy silver whenever you can.

I don’t see how I would try anything much different from game to game – which makes me question how much staying power this game might have for me. 

Which sounds somewhat harsh for a game I enjoyed.  Heck I even won!  And oddly enough, that may be part of my hesitation about the game.  There is a lot of manipulations you cope with in the game, move suitcases here and there.  But the reason I won was because I jumped out of red when it got as high it did for the entire game.  Did I play better?  I doubt it.  I chalk it up to luck.

Black Friday is definitely going to get more plays.  I’ll be curious to see if it offers a varied experience from game to game.


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