String Railway

Yesterday I assembled a copy of String Railway.  Looks amusing.  Each player gets five strings.  On your turn you draw a station card.  You lay it somewhere inside the border string (which defines the playing area) and then drop a string from your home station to your newly placed station.  Score points as appropriate.

But there is a bit more.  One person gets to place the “mountain” string.  Another player lays the “river” string. and crossing these features may cost or gain you points.  Also, you can visit another player’s station, which may make them points or lose them points, depending.

After five turns the game is over.  I’m guessing this game may take all of 30 minutes.  Should be good for a laugh.  I bought some nice string from Hobby Lobby to make the game.  This is the first time in my life I’ve ever ironed strings in the pursuit of my boardgaming hobby.


3 Responses to “String Railway”

  1. Rob Derrick Says:


    Did you end up with a bunch of extra string, or did you just get enough for one game? ;^)

    I started looking for string for this a couple months ago, but had not found anything that I thought would be good. OTH, if you had to iron yours, maybe it is not the best string one could hope for… What did you end up doing for the cards. I started putting together graphics for it, but then stalled when I couldn’t find the string.

    Anyway, steam(string) on!

    — rob

  2. Kevin Whitmore Says:

    Hi Rob,

    Someone on BGG sent me a pdf for the stations. I can forward you the file if you like. I printed them on cardstock, and then used spray adhesive to bond them to another layer of cardstock. They are reasonably sturdy, but not as nice as real tiles a la Carcassonne.

    The string I bought is reasonably heavy, but it was packaged on spools, and definitely had some camber in it. After ironing they seem to lay reasonably nicely. I didn’t find the sort of cord I really wanted – like a thick lanyard cord. Part of the problem was the multiple colors I needed. I have a fair bit left over if you want to use some. I’m sure peggy won’t mind me giving it away – it ended up in her sewing basket after I was done.

  3. Rob Derrick Says:

    Yes! Send me to pdf please. Yeah, I was looking for that lanyard type cord too, and yes, the color range was the problem. Maybe I’ll also be willing to settle for some jumpy cord.

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